Which jewelry is best for my skin tone

Jewelry has infinite possibilities to it. Professionals often claim that seasonal trends are the ultimate influence for design inspiration, but that is just incorrect. The classic designs always will hold merit, and below are three types of jewelry that will always remain beautiful and in style for women.

Colored Stones

Always a good way to accessorize, colored stones are great for both looking classy and just having fun dressing up. Many different cuts, colors, and styles exist, and so you have so many possibilities for wearing them. A few colors include yellow, green, black, and blue, and each colors works well with a different skin tone. Depending on your skin tone, which will either be ‘warm’ or ‘cool’, different gems will work well for you. Warm skin tones lean towards the yellow, green, and brown colored gemstones, while cooler skin tones work well with pink, red, blue, and purple stones. Why? Because they contrast well with the type of skin. There are many articles detailing what exactly ‘warm’ and ‘cool’ skin tones are, but the gist of it is that warm skin is generally peachy and brighter in tone, while cool skin is more pale.


Pearls work well with nearly any sort of outfit, depending on the type of piece you choose to wear. Necklaces, earrings, studs, and bracelets too are all good for making your appearance that much more elegant.

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